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Dec 10, 2013

New Funding For Saskatoon Health Region Care Homes

The Government of Saskatchewan has announced that it will provide $10.04 million in additional funding to the Urgent Issues Action Fund. The purpose of this fund is to buy lifts, tubs and electric beds, improve dietary services and provide extra staff training in things like caring for people with dementia.

Regina should get about $2.2 million and Saskatoon $2.7 million, with the remainder divided up among the province's other health regions. This will go towards the purchase of equipment to aid in seniors' care.

More staff creates an ongoing cost and the government has provided an additional $3.8 million in annual funding to support this. Saskatoon's $1 million share should be enough funding to create 19 jobs in the health region's 40 facilities.

It's hoped that the additional funding will allow staff to spend more time on the direct care of residents. Regions must provide the health ministry with progress reports at 60, 90 and 120 days to determine if the funds are benefiting patients and if ideas can be replicated in other health regions.

In an effort to improve seniors' care across the province, more than 100 people representing the health regions, long-term care facilities and seniors' families will take part in a session designed to bring forward ideas to improve the level of care in the province's facilities. This session will take place next week. It will be interesting to learn about the ideas that come forward.

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